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The Early Years

(Missing Records MISS 003) 1998

Just Like In The Movies
You Wonít Forget Me
Needles And Pins
Heaven Is Being With You
When You Walk In The Room
Hold Your Head High
Be Good Baby
Faded Love
Dancing Silhouettes
I Donít Think So Much Of Myself
After Last Night
Maybe Baby
Try To Forget Him
Should I Cry
Did He Call Today, Mama?
The Prince
Over You
Oh, Boy!
Buddy (as Jackie Dee)
Strolypso Dance (as Jackie Dee)
Trouble (as Jackie Shannon)
So Warm
I Wanna Go Home
Lonely Girl
Teach Me
Will You Love Me Tomorrow?
Are You Ready For This?
To Wait For Love
So Long Johnny
I Remember The Boy
Hellos And Goodbyes
What The World Needs Now Is Love

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