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JDSAS Demos Vol 1 CD

Blue Ribbons
Cant Help Forgiving You
Carrying A Torch
Daydreaming of You
Dont Put Your Heart In His Hand
Heart In Hand
Baby Bye-O
Backstreet Girl
I Must Be Dreaming
I Shook the World
Its Such A Feeling
Ive Just Got to Get Away
Jimmy Baby
My Heart Keeps Hanging On
Little Bit of Heaven
Loves Got A Hold On
Momma Dont Wait Up
Mr. Guitar Man
One More Time
There's Gonna Be A Fight
Well Be Together Again
Wont He Ever Notice Me
Dont Doubt Yourself Babe
With You In Mind
I Dont Wanna Be Without You
Something In Your Blood
Too Far Out
Your Heart Is Missing

Price: $20/15 each.

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