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JDSAS Demos Vol 2 CD

If I'm right or wrong
I was moved
Rebel of the Town [The other side of town]
So Deep
Takin' the long way home
Thank you darlin'
He's so heavenly
He's the great imposter
I don't think so much of myself now
Heaven only knows
Family girl
Get out those good times
Harbor High
Things work out for the best
Today will have no night
Up on a hill
Boom Boom de a de a de
Am I making it hard on you
Big Brown Eyes
Just like in the movies
Look who's looking now
My birthday party
My heart is breaking all the while
You don't have to prove a thing to me
You gotta practice
You should have been there
Nothing's gonna stop me
Put on your kid gloves
You won't forget me
Stand up and testify

Price: $20/15 each.

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