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Jackie DeShannon Appreciation Society Picture Gallery
Hall 1


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With "The Real Don Steele".

With Trini Lopez.

A still from 'C'mon Let's Live A Little'.

Black and white photo from 1972.

Sonny & Cher and Jackie DeShannon attending the Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles,1967.

Another early black and white photo (with friend!).

The original JDSAS logo picture.

A version of this picture was on the cover of the
"Are You Ready For This" album.

Early Black & White photo.

Autographed photo montage.

Autographed photo.

Jackie playing Monopoly with George Harrison during the 1964 North American tour.
(Taken from an old Japanese Beatles fan book from the 60's.)

"THEY WERE SO STUCK," says Grossman sadly. This picture of George playing monopoly with Jackie DeShannon (best known for her 1969 hit, "Put a Little Love in Your Heart") was taken during the Beatles' monster tour of America in 1964, when they played 26 concerts in 34 days. "I asked Ringo, 'How do you like America?,'" Grossman recalls. "And he said, 'What do you mean, America?' Then he walked to the window, pulled aside the curtain, and there I saw a parking lot and the back of another hotel across the street. 'This is all we're seeing of America,' he said."

Some of these pictures are of items sold through eBay, the internet auction house, searching under either, "Jackie DeShannon",or, "Jackie de Shannon".

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