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Jackie DeShannon at Tower Records

By Mark Tyler


In September I was fortunate to be staying with a friend for a few days who lived a block away from Tower Records on Sunset Boulevard, in Hollywood, California. As I left the store one sunny afternoon I noticed a sign that said Jackie DeShannon would be making an in store appearance to sign her new CD. A second cross-country trip was certainly not out of the question, since I missed out on an earlier opportunity to meet Jackie 22 years earlier, and since it also fell on the eve of my 40th birthday!
On October 6th, 2000 at 6pm, the line wrapped around Tower Records with no end in sight. Fans brought various items for Jackie to sign, ranging from rare early records to photographs. (Yours truly gave Jackie a horseracing book I mistakenly won in an online auction that pictured a horse named JACKIE DE SHANNON, much to Jackieís surprise!)
At 7PM Tower allowed the first group of fans and JDSAS members into the store. At first, I didnít know what to expect since Jackieís last LP was recorded when I was in high school. I was happy that she knew who I was, and really appreciated the Jackie DeShannon Appreciation Society. Even more surprising is that she hasnít changed a bit; suddenly it was 1966 again and it was like I was on the set of Címon Letís Live A Little. Her latest CD, You Know Me, sounded great playing in the background.
Jackie graciously signed autographs and spoke to the fans about her plans, her music and how happy she was to be "back." She humorously told me how a fan had outbid her on e-bay for a copy of Laurel Canyon, which she hopes to have released on CD soon.
Jackieís music and lyrics have been fundamental in the history of Rock and Roll and it was an honor to meet someone who keeps getting better with time. Could it get much better than this for a JDSAS member? Stay tuned for my review of Jackieís Whisky A Go Go concert appearance in OctoberÖ

photographs by Mark Tyler

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