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music and memories

You're Here For Me

Jag Records CD single

Jackie’s inspirational new single was premiered live last June, at a benefit for The Seeing Eye organization. The lyrics tell of a blind person’s feelings of love and caring toward their seeing eye dog, but could just as easily be a love song between two people, or even between the singer and God.
The song begins with a tender accompaniment of piano and percussion, and builds subtly, adding woodwinds, electric bass, and acoustic guitar. The melody is simple and lovely, with an open-ended chorus that allows for some improvisastion at the end of the song. The arrangement is well-played and attains just the right feel for the mood of the song. Jackie’s voice glides sweetly and smoothly over the the gorgeous backing. This is another beautiful and positive song to add to Jackie’s repertoire.
The single can be ordered via Jackie’s website ( If you prefer order by post, send order, payment and shipping information to: DeShannon Communications, 9663 Santa Monica Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90210. The CD sells for $5.00 in the US, and $8.25 outside the US (including postage and handling.) Please make check or money order payable to DeShannon Communications. ~William George

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