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Sweet Sherry

Baby Honey
I'm Crazy Baby (with Shorty Ashford)
I'll Be True
How Wrong I Was
I Need Lovin' (originally unreleased)
Strolypso Dance
Just Another Lie
Cajun Blues (The Cajuns)
So Warm (Version #1)
Young Girl's Prayer
So Warm (Version #2)
I Wanna Go Home
Put My Baby Down
The Foolish One
Teach Me
Lonely Girl
Nobody But You (unreleased)
Summertime (unreleased version)
Heaven Is Being With You
Think About You
Wish I Could Find A Boy
I Won't Turn You Down
Baby (When Ya Kiss Me)
Ain't That Love
That's What Boys Are Made Of
I'll Drown In My Own Tears
Just Like In The Movies
Guess Who
I Don't Think So Much Of Myself Now
Dancing Silhouettes
Faded Love

Price: $20/15 each.

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