Jackie de Shannon Discography

Four album covers.


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Title Label Number Release Date
Hits Of The Genius Liberty LRP-3213/LST-7213 January 5,1962 (Cancelled)
Jackie DeShannon * Liberty LRP-3320/LST-7320 July 1963
Surf Party (Original Sound Track) 20th Century Fox TFM3131/TFS4141 December 1963
Breakiní It Up On The Beatles Tour! * Liberty LRP-3390/LST-7390 October 1964
This Is Jackie DeShannon * Imperial LP-9286/LP-12286 August 1965
You Wonít Forget Me Imperial LP-9294/LP-12294 September 1965
In The Wind * Imperial LP-9296/LP-12296 September 1965
CíMon, Letís Live A Little * Liberty LRP-3430/LST-7430 November 1965
Are You Ready For This? * Imperial LP-9328/LP-12328 September 1966
New Image * Imperial LP-9344/LP-12344 March 17, 1967
For You * Imperial LP-9352/LP-12352 September 1967
Me About You Imperial LP-12386 March 1968
Lonely Girl * Sunset SUS-5225 July 1, 1968
What The World Needs Now Is Love * Imperial LP-12404 August 1968
Laurel Canyon * Imperial LP-12415 October 1968
Put A Little Love In Your Heart * Imperial LP-12442 September 1969
To Be Free * Imperial LP-12453 March 1970
Jackie DeShannon
labelled ĎLoveí
Sunset SUS-5322 December 24, 1970
Songs Capitol ST-772 June 15, 1971
Jackie * Atlantic SD 7231 June 1972
Your Baby Is A Lady Atlantic SD 7303 July 1974
The Very Best Of Jackie DeShannon * United Artists UA-LA434-E June 6, 1975
New Arrangement * Columbia PC 33500 September 1975
Youíre The Only Dancer * Amherst AMH-1010 September 1977
Quick Touches * Amherst of Canada AMH-1016 August 1978
Together (Original Sound Track) RCA ABL1-3541 February 1980
Pop Princess EMI Australia 5094 1981
Jackie DeShannon Liberty LN-10265 March 1985
Good As Gold! * Pair PCD-2-1284 1990
The Best Of Jackie DeShannon * Rhino R2-70738 February 1991
Trouble with Jackie Dee Teenager 609 1991
The Definitive Collection * EMI Records 7243 8 29786 2 6 1993
The Early Years * Missing Records MISS 003 1998
Best of.. 1958-1980 (Come and Get Me) * Raven Records RVCD-A106 July 25, 2000
You Know Me * Varese Sarabande 302 066 169 2 September 26, 2000

Taken from the cover of a Japanese release.

Demonstration Records from Metric Music

Number Release Date Tracks
M-64-1/M-64-2 November 4, 1964 Heís So Heavenly;
You Wonít Forget Me;
You Should Have Been There;
Til You Say Youíll Be Mine;
Today Will Have No Night;
I Must Be Dreaminí;
My Girl;
Day Dreaming Of You;
You Donít Have To Prove A Thing To Me;
Takiní The Long Way Home;
Hellos And Goodbyes
M-64-3/M-64-4 November 4, 1964 Tears From An Angel;
Itís Just Terrible;
Alone With You;
Franklin Street;
Pat On Your Kid Gloves;
Guitar Child;
Little Ole You;
Heís Sure To Remember Me;
Is There Anything I Can Do;
Each Time;
Thereís Just No Pleasing You;
Heís The Great Imposter
M-64-5/M-64-6 November 4, 1964 Dream Of The Year;
My Heart Is Breaking All The While;
Baby Bye-O;
Break Away;
She Donít Understand Him;
Should I Cry;
Hold Your Head High;
When You Walk In The Room;
This Time Itís Not In Fun;
Heart In Hand
M-64-7/M-64-8 November 4, 1964 Dancing Silhouette;
If Iím Right Or Wrong;
Let Him Walk Away;
Up On A Hill;
I Was Moved;
Blue Ribbons;
Back Street Girl;
Little Bit Of Heaven;
So Deep;
Just Like In The Movies;
Other Side Of Town
M-64-9/M-64-10 May 27, 1965 Too Far Out;
Your Heart Is Missing;
Whatís It All About;
Splendor In The Grass;
New Thoughts;
Hand Made Silver Ring;
To Be Myself;
Girl Of Yesterday;
Itís Gonna Be Alright (retitled: Donít Doubt Yourself, Babe)
With You In Mind (retitled: Come Along)
You Could Break My Heart
Still Around (retitled: Away Brought Down)

N.B. It is unclear if the first four demonstration albums were released together or separately.)

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