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Jackie DeShannon Appreciation Society

You can become a member of the Jackie DeShannon Appreciation Society by sending a note of your name and address with a check/cheque (!) for the modest subscription of $10 (U.S.) / £7 (U.K.).

Members in the U.S.A. should send their remittances, payable to Bill George, to:

Bill George
The Jackie DeShannon Appreciation Society
25-18 21st Street, #2
NY 11102

Members in the U.K. may write to Peter Lerner at the following address. He will forward payments in bulk to Bill George, thereby saving the Society bank commission charges! If sending cheques to Peter, please make them payable to Peter Lerner. His address is:

Peter Lerner
4 Victoria Gardens
Marlowe Road
High Wycombe

Members in other countries may pay in either U.S. dollars or pounds sterling, whichever is most convenient to them, writing to the appropriate address.

Membership entitles you to receive four issues of the JDSAS newsletter, ‘Jackie’, which contains a variety of articles about Jackie DeShannon, as well as occasional music offers.

Not all of the newsletter material appears on this web site so don’t miss out on the latest information!

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