The Songs Of Jackie DeShannon

Who helped? Who sang what?

Compiled by Peter Lerner
with considerable help from many people including Malcolm Baumgart, Geoff Dadswell, J.D.Doyle, Mike Job, Mick Patrick and Mark Tyler.
Contribution also gratefully received from Frank Allen of The Searchers.

First published by the JDSAS in March 1996 and last updated May 2000.


Title Commercial Recording/
Demo by Jackie
Co-Writers Recorded by..
A Boy With Nothing - - Peter & Gordon
A Little Bit Of Heaven D Sheeley Darlene Paul
A New Arrangement C Ballantyne -
All Around Love - Ballantyne -
All Night Desire C Bettis -
All The Way Back To Love - - -
Alone With You D - Brenda Lee
Always Together C Holiday -
Am I Dreaming - - Jane Canada;
Am I Making It Hard On You C Sheeley -
Amelia Through White Clouds Of Pearl - - -
Anna Karina C - -
Are You Ready For This C - -
Are You Savin’ Your Love For Me - Myers -
Away Brought Down
(see ‘A Boy With Nothing’; ‘Still Around’)
- - -


Title Commercial Recording/
Demo by Jackie
Co-Writers Recorded by..
Baby bye-Oh D Sheeley Bernie Schwartz;
Bernie Balentine;
Everly Brothers;
Baby That’s Life D - -
Baby That’s Me - Nitzsche Lesley Gore;
The Cake;
The Fashions;
Interstellar Villains
Baby (When Ya Kiss Me) C Sheeley Rita Pavone
Baby Won’t You Let Me Know C - -
Baby You Got It - Holiday, Myers -
Backstreet Girl D Sheeley Diana Dawn;
Adrienne Poster
Bad Water C Holiday, Myers Dorothy Morrison;
Lynda K. Lance;
Doris Duke
Barefoot Boys And Barefoot Girls C Weiss -
Be Good Baby C Nitzsche -
Bette Davis Eyes C Weiss Kim Carnes;
Kim Carnes (1997 remix);
Big Daddy;
James Last;
Frank Pourcel;
Stars On 45;
Sonia Davis;
Nick Ingram;
New Edition;
Big Brown Eyes D Sheeley -
Blue Dreams - Sheeley Glen Campbell
Blue Ribbons D Sheeley Paramounts;
Peter Ford;
Dobie Gray;
Vic Dana;
Glen Campbell
Boat To Sail C - Carpenters
Boom Boom De-A-De-A-De D Sheeley -
Borrowing You - Ballantyne -
Breakaway C Sheeley Irma Thomas;
Piccola Pupa;
Tracey Ullman;
Beryl Marsden;
Detroit Cobras;
Niki Honeycutt
Breakdown Baby - - The Other Two
Brighton Hill C Holiday, Myers -
Buddy C - -
Burn On Love - Nitzsche Righteous Brothers
By A Long Shot - O’Neill -


Title Commercial Recording/
Demo by Jackie
Co-Writers Recorded by..
Can’t Help Forgiving You D Sheeley The Searchers;
Mark Wynter
Carrying A Torch D Sheeley Wynona Carr;
Bernadette Peters
Catcher Cues - - -
Child Of The Street C - -
Children And Flowers - - The Critters;
Candy Choir;
The Shillings;
The Batchelors
Christmas C Holiday, Myers -
Christmas Is The Best Time - Weiss -
Color Blue - - Peter & Gordon
Come Alive - Ferguson -
Come And Stay With Me C - Marianne Faithful;
Bobby Vee;
Joan Baxter;
Billy Strange
Coming Back For More - Ballantyne -
Cross My Heart - - -
Cry Cry Cry - - -


Title Commercial Recording/
Demo by Jackie
Co-Writers Recorded by..
Daddy (What Do You Think Of Him) - Sheeley -
Dancing Girl - - -
Dancing Silhouettes C Sheeley Thurston Harris
Dangerous C - -
Darling Darlene - Nitzsche -
Daydreamin’ Of You D Sheeley The Fashionettes;
The Dreamers;
The Hellions;
Kal David And The Exceptions;
Shirley And Johnny
Depend On Yourself - - Joe And Eddie
Did We Lose The Edge - - -
Doggone - - -
Don’t Break A Heart - Myers, Stevens Nigel Olsson
Don’t Doubt Yourself Babe
(see also ‘It’s Gonna Be Alright’)
- - The Byrds
Don’t Feel Sorry For Me - Sheeley -
Don’t Forget Me D Sheeley ?
Don’t Let The Flame Burn Out C - Rita Remington
Don’t Love Him Too Much - - Susan Maughan
Don’t Put Your Heart In His Hands D Sheeley Ral Donner;
Kiki Dee
Don’t Say You Don’t Love Me Anymore - - -
Don’t Turn Your Back On Me C - Mike Sheridan’s Lot;
Angela Dean;
Patti & Alan Leatherwood
Dream Boy C - -
Dream Of The Year D Sheeley Jimmy Elledge;
Glen Campbell
Dum Dum - Sheeley Brenda Lee;
Betty McQuade


Title Commercial Recording/
Demo by Jackie
Co-Writers Recorded by..
Each Time - - The Searchers;
Bon Bons;
Leslee Swanson;
Marti Jones
Effervescent Blue C - -
Even Cowgirls Get The Blues - - -


Title Commercial Recording/
Demo by Jackie
Co-Writers Recorded by..
Fallen Idol - Sheeley Johnny Rivers
Falling In Love All Over Again - Holiday Dorothy Berry
Family Girl D Sheeley -
Find Me Love C - -
Fire In The City C Bettis -
For Old Times Sake - - Raga And The Talas
Francoise C Myers, Stevens -
Franklin Street D - Dora Hall
Friend Of The Family - Tipton -
Funny Feelin’ - - Brenda Lee


Title Commercial Recording/
Demo by Jackie
Co-Writers Recorded by..
Get Out Those Good Times D Sheeley -
Girl In Love - - -
Girl Of Yesterday D - -
Give Me A Break - Zelda Samuels -
Going For The Clover - - -
Gonna Search - - -
Grand Canyon Blues - Calderon -
Green Trees - - -
Guitar Child D Sheeley Duane Eddy;
Glen Campbell


Title Commercial Recording/
Demo by Jackie
Co-Writers Recorded by..
Half Moon Half Sun - - -
Hand Made Silver Ring D - -
Hanna - Caldwell N Hopkins
Harbor High D Sheeley -
Hark Is That A Cannon I Hear - Sands Bobby Vee;
Jess Conrad;
Michael Cox
He Did It - Sheeley Ronettes
He Don’t Understand You
see also ‘She Don’t Understand Him’
- Newman Brian Hyland
Heaven Only Knows D Sheeley -
Heartbreak You’re Calling Me - Sheeley Mac Davis
Heart In Hand D Sheeley Brenda Lee;
Connie Landers;
Linda Morrison
He Loves Me Like I Wanna Be Loved - Sheeley -
He Won’t Look My Way - Sheeley -
He’s So Heavenly D Sheeley Brenda Lee;
Yvonne Prenosilova
He’s Sure To Remember Me D - Brenda Lee
Hellos And Goodbyes C Sheeley -
Hit And Run - Weiss Kim Carnes
Hold Your Head High C Newman Irene Kral
Holly Would C - Fat City;
Greg Anderson;
Ray Sanders
Homework - Sheeley -
How Do You Stop Loving A Man - Ballantyne, Humphries, Humphries -


Title Commercial Recording/
Demo by Jackie
Co-Writers Recorded by..
I Can’t Cope - - -
I Can’t Forget - - -
I Can’t Stay Away C - -
I Come Alive - Ferguson Jay Ferguson
I Cried - - -
I Don’t Think I Can Wait C - -
I Don’t Think So Much Of Myself Now C Sheeley -
I Don’t Want To Be Without You D - -
I Gotta Love - Sheeley -
I Just Got To Get Away D Sheeley Johnny Rivers
I Keep On Loving You - Myers, Holiday -
I Keep Wanting You C Nitzsche -
I Let Go Completely C Holiday -
I Love You In My Way - Sheeley -
I Must Be Dreamin’ D Sheeley -
I Need You - - Marilyn Maye
I Remember The Boy C - -
I Shook The World D Sheeley Bob B Soxx And The Blue Jeans;
Bobby Sheen
I Surrender D Holiday, Myers -
I Wanna Go Home C - -
I Wanted It All C Bettis Rita Coolidge
I Was A Fool Too Long - - -
I Was Moved D Sheeley Evie Sands
I Worry About You - Sheeley -
I’d Weaken - Sheeley P.J.Proby
I’ll Stand By You - Holiday, Myers -
I’m A-Goin’ Away - - -
I’m Breaking The Law - Sheeley -
I’m Waiting For You - - -
I’ve Got My Tears To Remind Me - Page Doug Gibbons;
Dave Berry
If That’s What It Takes - McDonald Michael McDonald
It’s About Time - Sager -
It’s All In A Lifetime - - -
It’s Good To Know You Know - Sager -
It Only Happens With You - Harris, Obrecht, Ross, Robinson -
In My Time Of Sorrow - Page Marianne Faithful;
Gay Shingleton
Is There Anything I Can Do D De Caro Ashes
It Ain’t Gonna Matter - Sheeley -
It Happens Every Day - - -
It Shines On You Too C - -
It’s A Good Thing - Sheeley Herb Alpert
It’s Gonna Be Alright
(see Don’t Doubt Yourself Babe)
D - -
It’s Just Terrible D Sheeley Kalin Twins;
It’s Love D Sheeley -
It’s Not In Fun - Sheeley -
It’s Such A Feeling D Sheeley -
I’ve Got A Fear I’ll Fall - Sheeley -


Title Commercial Recording/
Demo by Jackie
Co-Writers Recorded by..
Jimmy Baby D Sheeley Bob B Soxx And The Blue Jeans
Just For Him - - Samantha Jones
Just Keep A’Walkin’ On - Sheeley -
Just Like Him - - P.J.Proby;
David Wilcox
Just Like In The Movies C Sheeley Phillippa Lewis
Just To Feel This Love From You C McDougall Anne Murray
Just What I Want - Holiday, Myers -


Title Commercial Recording/
Demo by Jackie
Co-Writers Recorded by..
Keep Away From Me - Sheeley -
Keep It Simple - Sager -
Keep Me In Mind C Holiday -
Keeper Of The Dream - - -


Title Commercial Recording/
Demo by Jackie
Co-Writers Recorded by..
L’Ultimo Re - Rapetti -
L.A. C - -
Laid Back Days C - -
Laurel Canyon C - -
Leaves Come Tumblin’ Down - Page Judi Smith
Le Cose Che Vuoi Tu - Sheeley, Testa -
Leo Moon - Weiss -
Leora’s Theme - - -
Les Cloches Sonnaient - Francois Claude Francois
Let Him Walk Away D Nitzsche -
Let The Sailors Dance C Edelman Randy Edelman
Little Heart - - -
Little Ole You D - -
Livin’ On The Easy Side C Holiday, Myers -
Lonely Girl C - -
Lonely Surfer Boy - - -
Look What You Started - - Gloria Jones
Look Who’s Lookin’ Now D Sheeley -
Love Can Clear Up Your Mind
(as Sharon Edelman)
- - -
Love For Life - - -
Love Is Leading Me C - -
Love Lessons For You - Ballantyne -
Love Saves - Kathy Walker -
Love Will Find A Way C Holiday, Myers -
Love’s Got A Hold On Me D Sheeley -


Title Commercial Recording/
Demo by Jackie
Co-Writers Recorded by..
Marty Feldman Eyes C Weiss, Nelson, Williams -
Mediterranean Sky C Holiday, Myers -
Mein Gluck Steht Auf Dem Spiel - Sheeley, Loose -
Meet Me At The Border - - -
Million Dollars - Ferguson Jay Ferguson
Missin’ You So - Sheeley -
Mister Falsetto
(also shown as ‘Mr Falsetto’)
- Weiss -
Momma Don’t Wait Up D Sheeley -
More Than A Trace C - -
More Than I Am - Tipton -
Movin’ C Holiday, Myers -
Mr Guitar Man D Sheeley Duane Eddy
Murphy C Ballantyne -
My Baby Is A Lady - Weiss -
My Baby Likes Western Guys
(as Jackie Dee)
- - Brenda Lee
My Birthday Party D Sheeley -
My Girl D Nitzsche Billy Ford
My Greatest Thrill - Sheeley -
My Group And Me - - Raga And His Band
My Heart Is Breaking All The Time
(also see under correct title ‘My Heart Is Breaking All The While’)
D Sheeley -
My Heart Is Breaking All The While D Sheeley -
My Heart Keeps Hanging On D Sheeley Brenda Lee
My Love Is With You - - -
My Love My Life My Liberty - Sheeley -


Title Commercial Recording/
Demo by Jackie
Co-Writers Recorded by..
Never Never Land - - -
New Thoughts D - -
Nicole C - Gary James
Nobody Made Me - Edelman Randy Edelman
Nothing Is Nothing Without You - Weiss -
Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me D - -
Now Your Baby Is A Lady ? Weiss ?


Title Commercial Recording/
Demo by Jackie
Co-Writers Recorded by..
Oh Why - - -
One More Time D Sheeley -
Only Lonely Love - Weiss Kim Carnes
Other Side Of Town
(see also ‘Rebel Of The Town’)
- Sheeley P.J.Proby
Out In The World - - -
Over Again - - -
Over My Head Again C Bettis -


Title Commercial Recording/
Demo by Jackie
Co-Writers Recorded by..
Peaceful In My Soul C - -
People Want To Hear What I Say - - -
Piece Of The Sky - Weiss Kim Carnes
Possible Dreams C - -
Pure Natural Love - - The Ovations
Dick Contino
Put A Little Love In Your Heart C Holiday, MyersEddy Arnold;
Cilla Black;
Johnny Boshoff & His Orchestra;
Kenny Burrell;
Alan Caddy Orchestra;
Jimmy Castor Bunch;
Circle Jerks;
Dave Clark Five;
Marc Copage;
Floyd Cramer;
Dillard Crume;
Cuff Links;
Judith Durham;
Duane Eddy;
Jeanne Ewing;
First Collection;
Ella Fitzgerald;
Four Freshmen;
Gospel Keynotes;
Marcia Griffiths;
Jan Harrington;
Isley Brothers;
Mahalia Jackson;
Mary Fraser Jones;
Samantha Jones;
Gunter Kallman Choir;
Frankie Karl;
Gladys Knight And The Pips;
Annie Lennox And Al Green;
Laura Love;
Julie Miller;
Dorothy Morrison;
Anne Murray;
Sandy Nelson;
Original USA Gospel Choir;
Joan Orleans;
Norrie Paramor Orchestra;
Dolly Parton;
Robert Patterson Singers;
Sandy Posey;
Raw Spitt;
Susan Raye;
Martha Reeves And The Vandellas;
Donna Rhodes;
Gracie Riviera;
Clodagh Rodgers;
David Ruffin;
Ray Sanders;
Harold Smith & The Majestic Singers;
Soul Stirrers;
Billie Joe Spears;
Straight Company;
Sugar Beats;
3rd Avenue Blues Band;
Trinidad & Tripoli Street Band;
Uno, Dos, Tres
Put My Baby Down C - -
Put On Your Kid Gloves D Sheeley -


Title Commercial Recording/
Demo by Jackie
Co-Writers Recorded by..
Queen Of The Rodeo C Weiss Diane Solomon


Title Commercial Recording/
Demo by Jackie
Co-Writers Recorded by..
Rain In Spain - - -
Ramblin’ Round - Rossmini Gene Weed
Raphael - Holiday, Myers -
Rebel Of The Town
(see also ‘Other Side Of Town’)
D Sheeley -
Right Or Wrong D Sheeley The Crickets;
Bobby Vee
River Of Love C Holiday, Myers -
Rock And Roll Lady - Ballantyne Elliot Lurie
Rodeo Drive In - Weiss -
Rosa - Ballantyne -


Title Commercial Recording/
Demo by Jackie
Co-Writers Recorded by..
Salinas C - -
Santa Ana - Ballantyne -
Santa Fe - Morrison Van Morrison
She Don’t Understand Him Like I Do
(see also ‘He Don’t Understand You’*)
C Newman Brian Hyland *;Toni Carroll
She’ll Never Hurt You No More - Sheeley -
She’ll Never Understand Him (Like I Do) - Newman Connie Stevens
She’s A Tease - - -
She’s All Grown Up Now - Nitzsche -
Should I Cry C Nitzsche The Concords
So Blue - - -
So Deep D Sheeley Brenda Lee
So Warm C - -
Something In Your Blood D - -
Sooner Or Later C Holiday, Myers Robin Wilson
Soul Sister - Holiday -
Spanish Day Dream - - -
Speak Out To Me C Calderon, Messenger -
Splendor In The Grass C - The Boys;
Gullivers People
Stand Up And Testify D Sheeley -
Still Around
(see also ‘Away Brought Down, A Boy With Nothing’
D - -
Stop That Girl - Page Barbara Lewis
Strolypso Dance
(as Jackie Dee)
C - -
Soul Sister - Holiday -
Suddenly The World Opened - Myers, Stevens -
Sweet Baby Gene C Weiss -
Sweet Bed Of Feeling - Weiss -
Sweet Loss - Weiss -
Sweet Wild And Free - Sheeley -
Sweet Young Girl - Sheeley Pat Carter


Title Commercial Recording/
Demo by Jackie
Co-Writers Recorded by..
Take Me Where I Wanna Go - Ballantyne -
Takin’ The Long Way Home D Sheeley Peggy March
Tears From An Angel D Sheeley Troy Shondell
Temple - Sheeley -
Texas Wind - Ballantyne -
Thank Heaven For Tears - Sheeley P.J.Proby
Thank You Darlin’ D Sheeley Rick Nelson
That’s Another Side Of You - Page -
That’s The Name Of The Game C Tipton Deane Hawley
That’s What Boys Are Made Of C Sheeley -
The Ballad Of Possibilities
(see also ‘You Could Break My Heart’)
- - Caroline Carter
The Foolish One C - -
The Great Imposter D Sheeley Fleetwoods;
The Greener Side - - The 31st of February
The Heat Of The Night - Ferguson Jay Ferguson
The Prince C Sheeley Susan Rafey
There’s Gonna Be A Fight D Sheeley Ken Kirkham;
Dick Lory
There’s Just No Pleasing You D Newman The Epics
There’s Just Something About You - Tipton -
There Was A Time C - -
Things Work Out For The Best D Sheeley -
Think About You C - -
Think Of Me - Sheeley -
This Time It’s Not In Fun D Sheeley -
Till You Say You’ll Be Mine C - The Searchers;
The Fourmost;
Olivia Newton-John;
Shirley And Johnny
To Be Myself C - Noeleen Batley;
Joe And Eddie
Today Will Have No Night D Sheeley -
Told Everyone But me - - -
Tomorrow May Never Come - Sheeley -
Tonight You’re Doin’ It Right C - -
Too Close C Stone, Green -
Too Far Out D - The Liverpool Five;
The Impac
Top Ten Romance - Sheeley -
Trouble D Sheeley Fleetwoods;
Kalin Twins;
P.J.Proby & Mac Davis
True Love I Can Never Find - Sheeley -
True Lover’s Tide - - -
Try A Little Harder - Holiday, Myers -
Try To Forget Him C - -
Two Of The Lucky Ones - Ballantyne -


Title Commercial Recording/
Demo by Jackie
Co-Writers Recorded by..
Up On A Hill D Sheeley -


Title Commercial Recording/
Demo by Jackie
Co-Writers Recorded by..
Vanilla Olay C - Marianne Faithful;
Frankie Stevens


Title Commercial Recording/
Demo by Jackie
Co-Writers Recorded by..
Walnut Creek Press - Holiday, Myers -
Warmest Look In Your Eyes - Weiss -
Watch Your Innocence - Duane Hitchings;
John Kay & Steppenwolf
Way Above The Angels C - -
We’ll Be Together Again D Sheeley -
Wenn Ich Dich She
(German language version of ‘When You Walk In The Room)
- - Searchers
West Virginia Mine C - -
What are You Thinkin’ About - Newman -
What Was Your Day Like C Holiday, Myers -
What’s It All About D - -
When It’s Right I’ll Know It ? Ballantyne ?
When Morning Comes Again D Holiday, Myers -
When You Left I Died - Sheeley -
When You Walk In The Room
(also see ‘Wenn Ich Dich Seh’)
C - Dave Ashby;
Pete Best Band;
Karla Bonoff;
Brave Combo;
Lisa Burns;
Paul Carrack;
Dawn Chorus & The Blue Tits;
Amanda Cooper;
Joe Dolan;
Fabulous Singlettes;
Michelle Fisher;
Steve Forbert;
Ricky Gianco (in Italian);
Glass Tiger;
Green Mountain Skyline;
Chris Hillman;
Ian And The Zodiacs;
Lolita Jackson;
Jay & The Americans;
Jive Bunny;
Sarah Jory;
Annette Klingenberg;
Billy J Kramer & The Dakotas;
Johnny Logan;
Peter Mafay;
Bobbie McGee;
Pat McGlynn's Scotties;
Paul Nicholas;
Mike Pender’s Searchers;
Pinkertons Assorted;
Psychotic Youth;
Rainbow Red Oxidiser;
Ramming Speed;
Sanne Salomonsen;
Tommy Scott;
The Searchers;
Del Shannon;
Silhouettes (in Serbian);
Sally Timms;
Skin And Bone;
The Sports;
Bruce Springstein (bootleg);
Ruby Starr;
Status Quo;
Lynn Terry;
Tiger Sue (Susie Mathis);
Tight Fit;
Pam Tillis;
Bobby Vee;
The Ventures;
Stephanie Winslow
Where Does The Sun Go C - -
While I Was Loving You - - -
Whispering - Sheeley -
Who’s Been Telling You - - -
Why Can’t You Be Loving Me - Newman -
Why Don’t You Meet Me At The Border - - Tom Jans
Wild Flowers - Myers, Steven -
Will You Be On My Side - Ballantyne -
Wings Of Victory C - -
Wish I Could Find A Boy C - -
Wish There Was More Time - - -
Wishing Won’t Get It - Sheeley -
With You In Mind D - Marianne Faithful;
Joe And Eddie
Woe Is Me - Sheeley Helen Shapiro
Won’t He Ever Notice Me D Sheeley -
Would You Come Back - Sheeley Eddie Hodges;
Jason Ford


Title Commercial Recording/
Demo by Jackie
Co-Writers Recorded by..
Yesterday Died - Holiday, Myers Jimmy Holiday
You Always Put Me In A Loving - Ballantyne -
You Are The Real Thing C Holiday, Myers -
You Brought Your Love To Me - Sheeley -
You Can Come To Me C Holiday -
You Can’t Go Where The Roses Go - - Marianne Faithful
You Could Break My Heart
(see also ‘The Ballad Of Possibilities)
D - -
You Don’t Have To Prove A Thing To Me D Sheeley Dodie Stevens
You Gotta Practice D Sheeley -
You Have A Way With Me C Holiday Raeletts
You Have No Choice - - Delaney Bramlett
You Just Think I’m Jealous - Sheeley -
You Know Baby - - -
You Know Me
(from ‘Portrait Of A Singer: Darlene Love)
- - -
You Should Have Been There D Sheeley Fleetwoods
You Stay Right Here By My Side - - -
You Step Into My World - Myers, Stevens Kelly Garrett
You Touch And You Go C Poncia -
You Won’t Forget Me C Sheeley Kerri Downs;
Peter James;
Sandie Shaw;
Jean & The Statesides;
Bobby Vee
You’re The Only Dancer C - -
You’re The Only One - - -
You’ve Changed C Poncia -
You’ve Seen Your Better Days - Sheeley -
Young Dreams - Sheeley -
Young Girl’s Prayer C - -
Your Baby Is A Lady C Weiss Tom Jans;
Elliot Lurie;
Rita Coolidge;
Stephanie De-Sykes
Your Heart Is Missing D - -
Your Love Has Got A Hold On Me C McDougall -

Copyright 1996 & 2000 - Jackie DeShannon Appreciation Society.

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