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Agnetha Faltskog - My Colouring Book
by Peter Lerner


"A respectful homage to the artists who have inspired me and left deep prints in my soul and in my heart. This is the soundtrack of a time lost……."

This is how Agnetha, once of the mighty Swedish Abba, describes her new album, in the self-penned liner notes. It’s a wonderful collection of beautifully updated songs from the 1960s, mostly of love… love found and love lost.

The title track, My colouring book, is a sad, sad song which I associate with Brenda Lee, but others will think of Dusty Springfield, or even Nana Mouskouri. The lovely, poignant and ever-so-sixties ballad If I thought you’d ever change your mind, was originally done by Cilla Black – hard to imagine, but true. There are two sentimental songs from my early teens which still reach out to me now – Brian Hyland’s heartbreaker, Sealed with a kiss, and Skeeter Davis’s world-endingly tragic End of the world. There’s Sinatra’s adoring Fly me to the moon, and the nicest version of What now my love (without the tedious bom-bom-bom BOMs) I have heard. Then there’s a heart-stopping update of the Shangri-las piece de resistance, Past present and future, which will bring a tear to any eye.

And why am I bringing this soaring, beautifully arranged and performed album to your attention, dear Jackie reader? First, because you’ll like it, I promise. Second, because track 2 is, of course, When you walk in the room. Not a cover of the Searchers’ cover, but a tribute to Jackie’s original. Agnetha understands the lyrics. She feels the glowing sensation, the something pounding; you know she’s just staring, too numb to speak. Jackie, someone has recorded your song once again, the way it was meant to be heard.

~ Peter Lerner

(Editor's note: Agnetha's version of When You Walk in the Room has been released as a single in the UK, with several different dance remixes included.)

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