Who Has Recorded The Songs Of Jackie DeShannon?

Compiled by Peter Lerner
with considerable help from many people including Malcolm Baumgart, Geoff Dadswell, J.D.Doyle, Mike Job, Mick Patrick and Mark Tyler.
Contribution also gratefully received from Frank Allen of The Searchers.

First published in this format by the JDSAS in May 2000.

The following artists have recorded songs written by Jackie DeShannon.


Lynda K Lance

Bad Water

Connie Landers

Heart In Hand

James Last

Bette Davis Eyes

Patti & Alan Leatherwood

Don't Turn Your Back On Me

Brenda Lee

Alone With You
Dum Dum
Funny Feeliní
Heart In Hand
He's So Heavenly
He's Sure To Remember Me
My Baby Likes Western Guys
My Heart Keeps Hanging On
So Deep

Annie Lennox & Al Green

Put A Little Love In Your Heart

Barbara Lewis

Stop That Girl

Phillippa Lewis

Just Like In The Movies

Liverpool Five

Too Far Out

Johnny Logan

When You Walk In The Room

Dick Lory

There's Gonna Be A Fight

Laura Love

Put A Little Love In Your Heart

Annie Lennox & Al Green

Put A Little Love In Your Heart

Elliot Lurie

Rock And Roll Lady

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